feed your faith with undying hope.

Dear Halimo, why are you crying?
Your destiny was written when you were yet unborn, and you had it pretty good so far, hadn’t you?
You made your profession out of what you like, you grew up to be a sweet daughter and sister; you made friends that adore you and learned about how imperfection is an intrinsic characteristic of the human being. You fell many times, and this is your umpteenth time, but you always made sure to learn your lessons and share them with those you cared for.
You didn’t give up, and it’s because you inherited the strength and resolution of many women before you – women who crossed rivers and mountains and continents and wars.

Because you learned from them, today you’re made of steel and you won’t crumble easily.
High temperatures will melt you and some strong hits may deform you, but nothing you experienced until now was lethal and, if you have faith, nothing will be.
So don’t pity yourself when you’re still part of the lucky half of the world: after every failure you will still have a warm home to return to, parents who will look at you as if you’re made of gold and, most importantly, the benefit of a second chance.

You won’t die of delusion or humiliation, ’cause these are not weapons that can harm you permanently, unless you let them. You will fix your mistakes when the time comes, and you will stand up and walk down the path that has your name written on it, because this is Europe and infinite possibility is the gift this continent gave you. This is the gift that was hidden in your destiny when your parents fled the motherland, so don’t take it lightly. You may never get the chance to live in a place where your color is the normal color, but you will live happily, and those around you will live happily as well, and you will celebrate birthdays and graduations with your eyes half blind to the misery that hides behind this world’s beauty.

And don’t waste your time with those who use their sharp eyes and tongues to judge you – they can only see the fall, not the climb. Nor waste your time with those who don’t aim to improve, ’cause stagnation is the worst enemy of ambition.

Now, dear Halimo, why are you crying?

Your destiny was written when you were yet unborn, and even if you could’ve had it better than this, don’t let this delusion hold you back, ’cause you’re made of steel and your soul is more beautiful when you feed your faith with undying hope.