where you can find me.

✒ this piece is about having aspirations and wanting to be where good things take place.

● You can find me where bright things are.
Not only in small talks, but in big ones where not many are willing to go and the ground is almost untouched. You can find me where there’s a lot of thinking, a lot of doing, a lot of encouraging and not much prejudice. Where there are books filled with knowledge, and windows that overlook the beauty of the creation, and wise elders eager to relive their entire lives in their soft-spoken tales.
You can find me in those funny, laugh-and-growth-filled conversations that are easy to have, easy to receive and with no ambiguities. Where you would put your secrets, your worries and your dreams. You can find me in the blossoming ideas that resolutely try to climb the precarious ladders of planning, executing and operating, sometimes failing miserably. Where confidence lies while insecurities also rage and age, halfway between procrastination and determination. Where past mistakes and present teachings work together to make a future without regrets. Where sweetness struggles to get along with composure, and indifference always tries to overpower humanity.
Look for me on your way to happiness and independence.
You will find me paving it with you.


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