where you can find me.

✒ this piece is about having aspirations and wanting to be where good things take place.

● You can find me where bright things are.
Not only in small talks, but in big ones where not many are willing to go and the ground is almost untouched. You can find me where there’s a lot of thinking, a lot of doing, a lot of encouraging and not much prejudice. Where there are books filled with knowledge, and windows that overlook the beauty of the creation, and wise elders eager to relive their entire lives in their soft-spoken tales.
You can find me in those funny, laugh-and-growth-filled conversations that are easy to have, easy to receive and with no ambiguities. Where you would put your secrets, your worries and your dreams. You can find me in the blossoming ideas that resolutely try to climb the precarious ladders of planning, executing and operating, sometimes failing miserably. Where confidence lies while insecurities also rage and age, halfway between procrastination and determination. Where past mistakes and present teachings work together to make a future without regrets. Where sweetness struggles to get along with composure, and indifference always tries to overpower humanity.
Look for me on your way to happiness and independence.
You will find me paving it with you.


less room for confusion.

♫ Listening to: “Redemption song” by Bob Marley
☺ Mood: thoughtful
Reading:  “The Great Gatsby”, by Scott Fizgerald

There are various sources of confusion in life, but the main one comes from our relationship with others. The indecision, the mixed-signals, the pride, the incapability of avoiding drama, the fear of change and rejection, the undying hope that others will magically figure out what goes through our mind and deal with it without any further explanation needed.
The thing is, I love explanations.
I love when situations are voiced and problems are solved in a mature way.
I enjoying growing up and I apprecciate the time I spend with others much better when they also opt for the less complicated way of living – one that gives less room to confusion and more to clarity.
Drama is not bad, indecision is not a sin and hoping people will understand you better than your own self isn’t completely beyond comprehension, but wouldn’t it be much better to just engage in an honest confrontation?
I think so, and thus I pray for clarity in my sujud, because confusion makes me feel helpless and misunderstood and I’m sure my days will have a better quality if I stop spending half my time trying to figure out what people “mean”.
I don’t want to interpret what they mean.
I want to be told with clear words.
Otherwise, I refuse to understand.