about sabr.

♫ Listening to: “Rainymood”, my study-sessions’ soundtrack.
☺ Mood: still working hard for better days, a bit antsy now though.
Reading: my notes, over and over again. That’s reviewing for you.

☡ Desclaimer
Sabr is an arabic word whose root means to bind, tie or restrain. It is an islamic virtue that is often translated into “patience”, “endurance”, “perseverance” and “persistence”.

Sabr is the truest when it’s your first reaction to trouble and tribulation. The more it is delayed, the less calming is the effect it has on your soul. It shouldn’t come after you’re done getting mad and complaining, it should come instead of that, and make you think “hey, it’s not a big deal, things are better this way, alhamdulillah (thank God)”. And when you let go of the things that hold you back, that’s when you’re able to move on and accept the better things that Allah has ready for you. An attachment that doesn’t let you walk away is always, always unhealthy, even when it really doesn’t bring any apparent harm. Knowing you could have to sabr for anything on this world and that nothing is essential to your existence except for Allah is what makes your connection with people and objects really healthy and durable.

But then, sometimes your sabr depens on someone else’s. Sometimes you’d like to make sabr and let your heart un-swell, but to forgive your own mistakes, you first need to be forgiven. What then?


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